An ode to Blair Waldorf

Every once in a while I’ll vent to whoever I can grab hold of that I miss Gossip Girl.

It was such a ridiculous little show about love, New York and a certain cyber-stalker who was blogging all of their secrets. But it was exciting, fun and so scandalous. I loved it.

The glamour of Gossip Girl was made even more alluring by the unbelievable outfits they all wore. You had Serena’s classy and high-fashion outfits vs. Dan’s cosy and college-boy style. Chuck was more than happy to rock a tailored-suit with pink socks (side note: does anyone remember that basketball outfit?) and Jenny went from the cute girl next door look to complete grunge chick.

But, if there was one character whose style transcended the upper-east side and into my heart, it was that of Blair Waldorf.

Blair is selfish, opinionated and manipulative but for every flaw she has, there’s an equally likeable character trait. Trust me, Blair is completely brilliant and compelling and her general bitchiness only makes her even more fabulous. Plus, her style is so incredibly drool-worthy. I had a 3 – year period where all I wanted to wear was bright colours, bows and matching headbands and I’d even Google “How to dress like Blair Waldorf?”

I regret nothing because look at her school style; it’s so preppy, I love it

An abundance of bows, blouses, headbands, skirts, tights and blazers. Dressing for school never seemed so exciting until Blair.  Blair had fabulous headgear and I’d spend ages in Claire’s trying on different headbands, so here are some more of her headbands.

Blair often looked like confetti threw up on her (in the best possible way) and here we have her mixing patterns so effortlessly. Even her umbrella is cool.


I’m going through my pinterest board and I want to pin every outfit, all of her dresses were so lovely! She’s always so put-together and every part of her outfit is exciting.


Look at the colour in this one! Plus that cape is so pretty.


And both of her wedding dresses were such princess dresses


If anyone can recommend a show with a similar vibe to Gossip Girl, please do! Until then, there’s Netflix 🙂

You know you love me….





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